Tricks to Transition - Day 1 - Striking the Balance with Art

These days, we seem to primarily occupy a design environment that’s transitionally focused. Neither overly classic nor modern. 

For some (particularly those of us without degrees in Renaissance art or the unbridled flair of Ettore Sottsass), it’s an intimidating prospect to find that bridge between two or more design styles, with sophistication. Nervy to consider placing an atomic sofa in a classic Parisian apartment. More complicated still, when the styles don’t, of themselves, contrast quite so distinctly. 

One artist has done the hard work for us. Stephen Cimini’s colorful and geometrically abstract compositions, which he calls “random symmetry,” provide a seamless link between genres in a variety of settings. A subtly discernible use of the Golden Mean creates pleasurable proportion and balance, which in turn, brings a unifying balance to “mingled” design. 

A beautiful balance and contemporary completion of each room’s classic grounds.

Stephen has been nominated as a finalist for The Global Art Awards 2017, to be held in Dubai this month. 


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