Phyllis Morris and Currey and Company - Bringing Back Hollywood Splash with Panache

When the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s ushered in new, relaxed cultural cues, the “groove” made a monumental move into fashion, architecture and interiors. Complicated style would take a back seat to the “ahh” of simple, clean lines and open spaces. Teak’s mellow curves, rusty orange shag carpet and avocado appliances were midcentury mainstays. That is until, a style seductress came onto the scene and shook things up with the likes of gothic throne chairs and rococo motifs.

Phyllis Morris became Hollywood’s Grande Dame of interior design. She brought punch, prowess and glam to midcentury’s loved, but often linear landscape.

“Minimalism is for those without much to say.” - Phyllis Morris

Case in point: Her unmistakable and widely adored pink poodle lamps, fashioned after her own pink-dyed poodle, Pamela. In her (none other than) pink Cadillac convertible, Morris would ingeniously tout her eye catching designs around the town, to the amusement of LA residents. A memorable marketing move she would take all the way to the bank.

Currey and Company, in collaboration with Phyllis Morris (now managed by her daughter, Jamie Adler) has launched the Phyllis Morris Collection, a fond revival (with some modern refinements) of the elements so characteristic of her style.

photo: Currey and Company  

The whimsical and perky Ms. Poodle Table Lamp, goes a little mod with its clear optic crystal base.

Made of poplar and rubber woods, the chic Hollywood Table Lamp is a statuesque 45” tall with midcentury modern cut outs that are right on point for the era.

photo: Currey and Company

And what could be more alluring than the Eyelash Chandelier’s French Gold Leaf finish and fancy curl?

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